I was crying so much until..

I know according to facts and charts that sleep really relaxes your body , did you know that your sleeping time period is the ONLY stage where your body fully recovers from the day before ? Well I made the following conclusion after I cried all day long.

It was one of “those” days where everything went wrong , I cried from 1pm to 4:30 pm , it was really hectic . I could not do it anymore and went to bed to sleep for about an hour , what a magical experience ! When I woke up , I felt more then “good” .  That is when  I realised that sleep was my healing mechanism.

So next time when you feel like the world is against you , or you are just “down” that day , go ahead and take a nap .. You will not regret it ! 

Your future depends on your dreams , so go ahead and SLEEP ”     

 Mesut Barazany


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